Energy Advice Project 

So many people are concerned about the rising cost of gas and electricity today.

Monday 27 June 2022:  Please read Our Fuel Poverty Statement - what we are doing to help you 

For an explanation on the recent changes to Energy Bills and what Grampian Housing is doing to help, click here.

We can offer you FREE energy advice to make sure that your energy bills are kept to a minimum, saving you as much of your income as possible.

Contact David Barr, Energy Adviser, now!

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So many people are concerned about the rising cost of gas and electricity today.

David can:-

• Provide advice on how to reduce your fuel bills

• Advise you how to use your appliances economically

• Answer any technical questions you have about your central heating system and demonstrate how to use it efficiently

• Assist you with any fuel debt


Energy Saving Tips

Heating Bills & Costs:

If possible, try to overpay prepayment meter payments or monthly direct debit payments on a regular basis during the summer months, and build a credit which will help over the winter as bills get higher

If you don’t require your heating much over the summer months, adjust your heating programme to run for shorter periods. If you have a wall thermostat, turn this down to low, and simply turn up as required for an occasional boost, then reset to low

Permanently turning down a wall thermostat by just one degree can make a significant saving across a whole year

Gas Heating Controls:

If you have a gas boiler, neither your heating nor water settings should need to be at high during the warmer months. Try setting the temperatures to 55 degrees, or backing off the rotating controls to half way. Test and adjust backup a little if required. Heating the water to a lower temperature will reduce heating bills.

Use the valve on each radiator to help set room temperature. These tend to be set and left, but you can use them to turn down the temperature when not using a room, even temporarily so your boiler isn’t running unnecessarily.

If you have a wall or portable thermostat, use the radiator valves to control the temperature in the area around it. If you heat the area with the thermostat too quickly it may switch the boiler off before other areas of your house have reached comfort temperature

Airsource Heating:

Airsource heating works most efficiently when left set at a consistent temperature during the day, instead of heating up morning and evening like a traditional system. Most houses with Airsource heating are well insulated and the heating may not be required much over the summer months. Turn the wall thermostat settings down a little and test


Solar Panels project

We have installed solar panels on over 400 of our houses in Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire and Moray.  If you have solar panels installed please read this leaflet to find out how to get the most savings from them.


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