Shared Ownership

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buying a share in your own home

Click here to download our leaflet to find our more about shared ownership and check if you could be eligible to apply.

Our Shared Ownership option could enable you to part-buy your home at a price you can afford.




Purchase price
of 25% share

Monthly Occupancy Payment (75%)

Vacancies to follow. 

All our properties available for shared ownership will be listed on this page.


Equity shares are also available in a number of properties in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire and you pay an occupancy payment to Grampian Housing Association to cover the remaining share.

The monthly cost should be less than buying the property outright. For example, a 25% share in a two bedroom flat will cost around £37,500 to buy for a property valued at £150,000.  The occupancy payment for the remaining share will be in the region of £300 per month.  After the first anniversary of purchase you may increase your share and progress to full ownership in the future.

If you can answer YES to all of the following four questions then we would like to hear from you.
1. Are you currently in employment and earning £1500 or more per month?
2. Have you been working for over 6 months?
3. Do you have savings of at least £3000?*
4. Have you been to see if you can get a mortgage? OR, do you have capital to raise a share?

*Mortgage lenders require a deposit which could range from 5% to 25% depending on your circumstances and the lenders policy.  You should shop around for the best deal but you will need to have savings to pay for the deposit and legal fees for buying your property.  Generally we recommend that you have approximately £3,000 in savings available. 

For further information please contact the Sales Co-ordinators on 01224 202900 or email

How to apply
To apply for shared ownership housing you should complete our online application for rented housing via and also contact our Customer Service Team (T: 01224 202900 / E: to request a shared ownership application form.  Please note that the shared ownership application form must be completed and returned in addition to submitting your online application for rented housing.